December 3, 2021

County Ordinances

Ordinance #50 “An Ordinance Creating Licensing Provisions for Cannabis Establishments”

Ordinance #49 “Fireworks Included in Burn Ban”

Ordinance #48 “A Revision of the Hanson County Drainage Ordinance”

Ordinance #47 ” A Temporary Ordinance Regarding the Issuance of Medical Cannabis, Permits and License”

Ordinance #46 “The Regulation of Fire Hazards in Hanson County”

Ordinance #45 “An Ordinance Amending and Restating the County 911 and Rural Addressing

Ordinance #44 “Establish Criminal Penalties for Violations of Hanson County Ordinances”

Ordinance #43 “An Ordinance to Amend the Official Zoning Ordinance and Map”

Ordinance #42 “An Ordinance Establishing Hanson County Speed Limits”

Ordinance #41 “An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 92-001 to Increase the 911 Surcharge”

Ordinance #40 “An Ordinance to Enact a Wheel Tax”

Ordinance #39 “An Ordinance – Regulation of Solicitors and Peddlers”

Ordinance #38 “An Ordinance to Regulate the Application of Manure”

Ordinance #37 “An Ordinance to Define a Portion of the Hwy Superintendents Duties and Authority”

Ordinance #36 “Ordinance for the Declaration of Fire Danger Emergencies”

Ordinance #35 An Ordinance to Enact a Wheel Tax and Place the Same on the Election Ballot” – Vote Failed

Ordinance #34 “Ordinance to Repeal Ordinance #33”

Ordinance #33 “An Ordinance to Enact a Wheel Tax in Hanson County”

Ordinance #30 “Drainage Ordinance” 2010

Ordinance #29 “An Ordinance to Amend Ordinance #12, Flood Damage Prevention”

Ordinance #28 “An Ordinance to Amend the Zoning Ordinance to Adjust Membership of the Planning Board”

Ordinance #27 “Rural Addressing Ordinance”

Ordinance #26 “An Ordinance to Set Up Five Commissioner Districts”

Ordinance #25 ” Hanson County Adult Entertainment Ordinance”

Ordinance #24 “Amend Zoning Ordinance #18 Repealing Sections 523 #6 Remove Mileage Limits to Haul Waste”

Ordinance #23 “An Ordinance Establishing Boating Restrictions on Lake Hanson”

Ordinance #22 “An Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance”

Ordinance #21 “Establishing Days and Hours of Operation for Recreation Park and Public Access at Lake Hanson”

Ordinance #20 “An Ordinance to Amend Hanson County Zoning Ordinance #18”

Ordinance #19 “Regulate Certain Activities in the Highway Right-Of-Way in Hanson County”

Ordinance #18 “Hanson County Zoning Ordinance”

Ordinance #17 “An Ordinance Authorizing Overweight Load Permits”

Ordinance #16 “An Ordinance to Amend Ordinance #15. Lot Requirements for Single Family Dwelling”

Ordinance #15 “An Ordinance for the Temporary Hanson County Zoning Ordinance”

Ordinance #14 ” An Ordinance of Hanson County Providing Regulations for Special Events”

Ordinance #13 “An Ordinance Providing Temporary Campgrounds and Assemblies of People”

Ordinance #12 “Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance”

Ordinance #11 “An Ordinance Providing for the Establishment of a Rural Addressing System”

Ordinance #10 “An Ordinance to Amend Ordinance #9 Establishing County Road Speed Limits”

Ordinance #9 “An Ordinance to Establish the County Road Speed Limits on County & Township Roads”

Ordinance #8 “An Ordinance Amending Ordinance #6 Regulating Speeds, Adding a New Section”

Ordinance #7 “An Ordinance Providing for the Restraining and Controlling of Dogs in a Part of Hanson County”

Ordinance #6 “An Ordinance Regulating Speeds on County Highways”

Ordinance #5 “An Ordinance Prohibiting the Use of Fireworks at the Lake Hanson Beach and Park Area”

Ordinance #4 “An Ordinance to Prohibit Exhibition Driving Within Corporate Limits of Hanson County and Penalty”

Ordinance #3 “An Ordinance Establishing the Position of the County Nurse for Hanson County”

Ordinance #2 “An Ordinance Relating to the Placing of Roads in Subdivision on the County Secondary Hwy System”

Ordinance #1 “An Ordinance Repealing Existing Commissioner Districts Boundaries and Establishing New Boundaries”