May 23, 2024


Director: Christi Pierson [email protected]

Deputy Director: Jennifer Craig

Administrative Assistant: Kristi Goehring [email protected]

Phone: 6052394445
fax: (605)239-4296

Office Hours: M-F  8:00-12:00 -12:30-4:30

Mailing Address:
PO Box 500
Alexandria, SD 57311

Hanson County map with property info.

Hanson County Property Record Cards

The Director of Equalization Office (also known as County Assessor) is responsible for estimating the market value for all taxable property in Hanson County.  The value of these properties is not determined on an individual basis, but rather by a mass appraisal system.

The assessment function includes the discovery and description of taxable property, the appraisal of this property, and the maintenance of records linking properties to their respective owners and placing assessed values and owners’ names on the assessment roles.  The Director of Equalization has a number of additional responsibilities; some of them are: providing equalization between classes of property; deciding on adjustments to properties, such as abatements; administering all State laws pertaining to the ad valorem property tax assessment; providing for the review and appeal of assessments; testifying in court on assessments; and deciding on tax exemptions and tracking each exemption.

Our public service responsibilities, however, are not limited to setting property values alone.  We also seek to help County residents better understand the assessment process and take advantage of money-saving exemptions the County provides.